Comments about Courses at the University of Oslo

Comments about courses from NUS students

UiO Courses Equivalent NUS modules Remarks about courses
MAT-INF3600 Mathematical Logic MA4207 Mathematical Logic
  • Interesting insight into first order logic.
  • Knowledge from MA1100 is sufficient as pre-requisite to understand the course.
  • Pace of the lectures is similar to NUS undergraduate courses.
  • Manageable.
MAT4510 Geometric Structures MA4991 Exchange Enrichment Module
  • As a masters level course, the pace of the lectures is faster than NUS undergraduate courses.
  • Useful to understand knowledge from MA1104 well.
  • Useful to have taken MA3111, in particular, knowledge on hyperbolic function. But it is still possible to understand the course by reading up a little on hyperbolic function on the Internet/books.
  • Although Topology is stated as pre-requisite on the course website, the course seems manageable even without knowledge on topology. Probably knowing the definitions of terms in topology will be useful.
MAT4200 Commutative Algebra MA3201 Algebra II & MA4204 Group Theory
  • Very abstract.
  • The pre-requisites required are groups, rings and fields. MA2202 only cover groups and is thus insufficient to understand the course.
  • As a masters level course, the pace of the lectures is faster than NUS undergraduate courses.
INF-MAT5360 Mathematical Optimization MA3252 Network Optimization and
MA4254 Discrete Optimization
  • The pace of the lectures is faster than NUS undergraduate courses since there is only 1 lecture per week. Thus, self-reading is required.
  • Useful to understand knowledge from MA2215 well.
  • OPL studio used in projects. OPL studio is quite easy to learn and use.
  • Important to know the contents of the course very well for oral examination. Useful to check out exam information from the course websites of previous semesters to have an idea how oral examination is carried out.

Comments about module mappings from NUS colleagues

Half of the contents of MAT2700 on arbitrage and pricing of derivatives is covered in as part of MA3245 Financial Mathematics I, whereas the other half on optimal portfolio choices, utility and Markowitz is covered in part of MA2222 Basic Financial Mathematics. For the Oslo students, mapping MAT2700 to our modules seems difficult, as each of our 2 modules is only about 50% match.

STK2000 covers topics that spread out in 3 of our modules. They are ST5206 generalized linear models, ST3242 survival analysis and ST3240 multivariate data analysis. I believe STK2000 is more an applied module.

MAT2700 is a mathematical finance module which does match with any of the actuarial statistics or statistical finance modules that we offer. We have 3 modules in this area. They are ST3244 Actuarial Statistics, ST3246 Statistical Models for Actuarial Science and ST4245 Statistical Methods for Finance.

STK2400 covers topics concerning the reliability of a system which seems more relevant to the industrial engineering.

There are 3 more statistics modules in UiO: STK1100, STK1110, STK1120. ST1100 Probability and Statistical Modeling which can be used to map ST2131/MA2116 Probability at NUS. However the other 2 modules STK1110 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis 1 and STK1120 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis 2 do not map any of our modules as they cover parts of our ST1131 Introduction to Statistics, ST2132 Mathematical Statistics, ST3131 Regression Analysis and ST5206 Generalized Linear Models.

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