Stonehenge's Astronomical Relation with the Heavenly Bodies

The following are the astronomical facts about the Stonehenge, from its alignment with respect to the heavenly bodies. Out of these facts came deductions on the purpose of the Stonehenge. These are merely speculative theories and not all can be assumed to be absolutely conclusive. These have caused much controversy over the Stonehenge. 

Archaeoastronomy has its own theories regarding the astronomical relations with the heavenly objects. However, proving alignments can be difficult for two reasons. 

  1. Several objects and enormous number of alignments is possible by drawing a straight line through two of the objects. These occur  randomly - to infer a deliberate alignment you have to prove that it is unlikely to have appeared by chance.

  2. Required accuracy of alignment since :

All of this makes life difficult for archaeoastronomers. Some have used the variation in position of the stars over the millenia to try and date structures - but tiny physical movements can make such datings shoot back or forwards in time by centuries.