The Sun

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    The Sun sits in the center of the Solar System. It is essentially a whole ball of fluids that are moving continuously. The core of the Sun is actively converting Hydrogen atoms to Helium atoms and therefore it's mass is everchanging.

The Sun's Vital Stats...

Radius695,510km (109 Earth Radii)
Mass1.989 x 1033 g (332,946 Earth masses)
Volume1.412 x 1033 cm3 (1.3 million Earths)
Density (Core)151.3g/cm3
           (Mean)1.409 g/cm3
Pressure (Core)2.334 x 1011 bars
            (Photosphere)0.0001 bar
Temperature (Core)15,557,000 oK
                  (Photosphere)5,780 oK
                  (Corona)2,000,000 oK to 3,000,000 oK
Luminosity3.854 x 1033 erg/s
Solar Constant1.368 x 106 erg/s/cm2 = 1,368 W/m3
Principal Chemical ConstituentsHydrogen - 92.1%
(by number of atoms)Helium - 7.8%
 All others - 0.1%
Type of StarG2

Picture from: "Empire of the Sun: Planets & Moons of the Solar System"   

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