Modern Way-finding

What is way-finding?

Way-finding involves navigating through the open seas without such modern conveniences such as a sextant, compass or radio reports. Instead, it uses the sun, stars and seas and other signs of nature to tell us where we are and where are we going.

Way-finding was how the ancients traveled through the open seas when there were no navigational devices to help them.

However, due to the modernization of the shipping and navigation industry, the traditional knowledge and techniques of way-finding are in danger of dying out.

Fortunately, the knowledge and techniques of way-finding are still being preserved in some areas of Micronesia. It is also currently being revived in some parts of the Pacific Islands.

Three components of way-finding for a voyage:

1. Setting up a course strategy Before setting out on the voyage, you should always plan out the course. You can avoid many obstacles even before encountering them.
2. Try to hold the course Use the knowledge of way-finding, try to keep track of the course ad to stay on it. Also, you can track your progress using the techniques of way-finding.
3. Finding land after reaching destination. Now that you have reached your destination, you will have to find some place to land.