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This project has been proudly brought to you by A30, which is not a sissy boyband, but a group of like-minded (yeah right) individuals who have banded together in the early 21st century to give due credit and attention to the life-saving art of Navigation.
We will be covering the history of navigation which includes brief sections on its beginings, the people who have contributed to navigation as a whole and the motivations for navigating.

As well as the cultural aspect of navigation, we will like to bring to the esteemed reader's attention two very different tools of navigation...the Sextant and the GPS, the old and the new. Hopefully after reading our sections covering the aforementioned devices the reader will have a basic understanding of the workings of the above tools.

Finally we will be producing a working model of the sextant.
Hello There!
Navigation...Then and Now
Welcome to Navigation...Then and Now. This website has been created as a part of our project for Gem 1506K Heavenly Mathematics, a module taught by Prof. Helmer Aslaksen of
National University of Singapore
that has minimum maths and maximum heavenly body coverage!
About Our Project
About Us
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A30 consists of four inteprid members namely:

Ong Boon Hong ( The guy with his hand on the table )
( de facto leader and comics dweeb with engineering backround )
Liu Liling Canice ( The uh...girl in the picture )
( default female member and Sextant guru )
Liu Wenbin Jonathan ( The only guy with a watch )
( sometimes philosopher and GPS lad )
Pan Jianwei ( Who else can he be ? )
( resident techie, one time member of Stormwatch Pink )
There will come an age in the far-off years
When Ocean shall unloose the bonds of things,
When the whole broad earth shall be revealed . . . .
                   Lucius Annaeus Seneca (c. 5 BC - AD 65)
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