Introduction and Understanding of Chinese Compass: Luo Pan

We will be presenting to you the introduction and understanding of Chinese Compass, Luo Pan. Details of our project are as follows:

* History of Feng Shui and Luo Pan

* Introduction to Luo Pan

* Types of Luo Pan available

* Features of a Luo Pan

* How to appreciate a good Luo Pan?

* Interview with Master Huang, an amateur geomancer


Reasons for choosing this topic

Luo Pan, the Chinese Compass, is a very important tool for geomancers. They need this to evaluate buildings and houses. We have always been fascinated how a luo pan functions and how it is used in evaluation. Assoc. Prof Helmer Aslaksen has provided us with an opportunity to explore into this.



We embarked on an intensive research by getting resources from libraries and the Internet. A list of references can be found here. We also managed to interview Master Huang, an amateur feng shui geomancer who has graciously helped us by explaining the luo pan.


Done by

Lee Annie & Wong Lai Kuan, GEM1506K, Heavenly Mathematics Introduction to Cultural Astronomy