There are many schools and/or system of Chinese Feng Shui. Generally, the Chinese Feng Shui is categorised into San Yuan School (3 Cycles Combination) and San He School (3 Combination System).

San Yuan School uses San Yuan Luo Pan and San He School uses San He Luo Pan. These two Luo Pan are the most commonly used. Other than the two above mentioned Luo Pan, the San Yuan School also uses Luo Pan like Fey Xing (Flying Stars) or Xuan Kong (Time and Space) and the San He School also uses Luo Pan like Pa-Chai (Eight Mansions), Sui-Long (Water Dragons), San Long (Mountain Dragons).

Today, the Luo Pan are standardised into two types, which is the San Yuan Luo Pan and the San He Luo Pan. We can easily differentiate the two types of Luo Pan.

The San Yuan Luo Pan can be recognised by the presence of the 64 Hexagrams of the I-Ching. The San Yuan Luo Pan is also generally called the Jiang Pan (named after the founder of San Yuan Feng Shui : Great Grand Master Jiang Da Hong's).

The San He Luo Pan can be recognised by the presence of 3 distinctive rings of the 24 Mountains. The San Hup Luo Pan is also commonly known as the Yang Kung Pan (named after the first Feng Shui Grand Master Yang Yun Song' of the Tang Dynasty)

There is also a third standardise type of Luo Pan known as the Types of Luo Pan. Can you guess which system is Zhung He Luo Pan being categorised? You can easily guess which system Zhung He Luo Pan belongs as Zhung He in Chinese means combination. Therefore Zhung He Luo Pan is the combination of the San Yuan Luo Pan and the San He Luo Pan. It is designed for those people who like to advocate both systems of Traditional Feng Shui.

Hence before one selects his/her Luo Pan, he/she has to decide which system of traditional Feng Shui did he/she wants to advocate. In the interview with a Feng Shui amateur - Master Wang, he has decided to advocate to the San Yuan System and used a San Yuan Luo Pan.

Recently according to an article by best-selling author of feng shui books - Lillian Too mentioned that she have been told by Master Yap Cheng Hai that he has designed an even more impressive Luo Pan which covers just about everything from landscape, to all the formulas - 8 mansions, flying stars of both periods 7 and 8, the I Ching, the water formulas, and the KUA numbers of individuals.

Lilian Too also said that she had seen Master Yap's Luo Pan and felt that it was a challenge to the feng shui expert indeed. She said that the Luo Pan was also a masterpiece of feng shui design, and only a true Master could have come up with such an amazing amalgamation of all the formulas - all contained and presented within a compass that is no bigger than the average sized 8 inch Luo Pan. Most average Luo Pans contain only 3000 characters. Master Yap's Luo Pan contains six thousand characters. If Master Yap can successfully make this Luo Pan affordable - it would, in her opinion be a huge step forward for all feng shui practitioners. It would be a major event in the feng shui world.


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