Kaleidoscope Images

The kaleidoscope image takes on meaningful significance when it is associated with the age-old mandala. Mandala, quite simply, is a circular symbol of wholeness. It is a circle expanding from its individual center as it interrelates with other circles, radiating from their center, all being one with the creative universal source. It is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose bounds are nonexistent.
There are three basic elements inherent in both the mandala and the kaleidoscope: a center, cardinal points, and symmetry. In a mandala, as in the patterns of a kaleidoscope, a succession of interlinkings are unified into one whole. Each piece is a vital part of that whole, no matter how small. Take one piece away and the image is not quite the same.
Beyond its inherent beauty and captivating magic, the kaleidoscope symbolizes life - a mandala in action. Man is the center. The awakening of intelligence is the first radiating circle, spiraling from the center and proceeding from there, each person's mandala is as individual and distinctively different as a fingerprint.
Our Kaleidoscopes
Merry X’mas
3-mirror system (60°, 60°, 60°)
A wheelscope made with glittering pieces glued on a spinable barrel. Makes an endless field of patterns.
Garden of Eden        3-mirror system (90°, 60°, 30°)
Another wheelscope made using a windmill. A straw is attached for the viewer to spin the windmill by blowing while watching.
2-mirror system (20°)
A cellscope with a turnable object case filled with translucent coloured  beads of different sizes. The object case can be opened to change the objects inside. Images formed resemble intersected fruits! 2-mirror kaleidoscopes form a single circular pattern.
Party Popper  2-mirror system (60°)
Another cellscope that has an object case in the interior of the kaleidoscope. The cover at the end of the kaleidoscope can be turned to change the image. However, the objects cannot be changed. The object case is filled with bits of translucent coloured paper.
SuperStar  4-mirror system (90°)
Plain on the exterior but a surprise inside! Forms a parade of images.
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