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The kaleidoscope is an instrument that freely generates infinite numbers of mandalic images and concentrates the mind upon these images in such a way that the eye passes into a new perceptual frontier. The greater the precision of the instrument, the more perfectly this reality projects itself into the viewers awareness. In this new frontier the mind encounters images of integration and wholeness. These images express the idea of a safe refuge, of inner reconciliation and wholeness. Thus, the kaleidoscope becomes significant as a source for healing, self-integrating ritual. The viewer is placed in the center of an experience which demonstrates the unity and interrelatedness of all form in an organic whole. To the extent that the viewer immerses himself and identifies with the images presented, he experiences his own inner states of being as rhythmic, colorful displays of color and light.
Kaleidoscopes can be used while developing the
                                  mathematical and scientific ideas of:
angles,divisors of numbers, light, measurement, optics, symmetry, transformation, tessellations/tilings
A kaleidoscope is ever changing. Inside of a kaleidoscope exists a whole other world, visible only through a tiny hole. Every image seen through a kaleidoscope is unique, and will never exist again. One nudge of the tube and the image is gone forever.
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