WHEELSCOPE One, two, or more wheels comprise the endpiece. Wheels can be: fixed or hollow cylinders; carousels or turntables. Wheel scopes have become much more exciting with the inclusion of more pieces of different kinds and shapes of glass arranged in a variety of patterns. Spinning cylinders are a variation of traditional wheels. Some contain a small liquid-filled cylinder within a larger cylinder composed of glass, crystals, and other objects.

As the name implies, a carousel or turntable is a continuously revolving or rotating conveyor or stand on which items are placed. It can be either permanently attached to the scope or a separate piece; as simple as a tray, or as ornate as a gem-encrusted gazebo.
MARBLESCOPE Single or multiple marbles are used as objects. The first marble scopes were made by attaching a small marble to a simple three-mirror system. Since the imagery was repetitious, this type soon declined in popularity.
Knowing just the right combination of elements to include in these hand-blown spheres can provide extraordinary viewing. The addition of a second, third, and even fourth marble increases the intricacy of the image.
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