Fountain at Bugis Junction

The fountain at Bugis Junction started out as just a part of the landscape of the interior of Bugis Junction. Somehow, it received enormous attention and eventually the management decided to make it part of the attractions for Bugis Junction. For those who goes there, will usually see some children playing at the fountain and getting absolutely wet. However no one would notice the design beyond the spraying water. We realise that at the middle of the ountain, there is a grill of a design which has alot of triangles. upon further inspection, we realised that the design is not just triangles. In fact, it is made out of a series of octagons

Feeling very intrigued, we waited till the fountain was shut down and we went in to measure the grills, and tried to find perhaps the ratio used to determine the subsequent length of each octagons, or perhaps there is a constant value where each octagons gets shorter by. All these however yield very inconsistant results.

The Problem
The Design

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