Telok Ayer Market

Telok Ayer Market, is also known as Lau Pa Sat or "Old Market". It Telok Ayer Market was originally a wet market. This distinctive octagonal-shaped market was made of cast iron from Glasgow. It was designed by Municipal Engineer, James MacRitchie and built in 1894 on reclaimed land. In the 1970s, the market was converted into a hawker centre with 144 food stalls furnished with tables and stools. In the 1980s, the cast-iron market was dismantled. About 3,000 individual pieces were tagged, logged into a computer and stored for restoration. Restoration was completed in 1989. Today, Lau Pa Sat is a food court serving a wide variety of dishes day and night.

When we went to the location, we immediately went to the middle of the place and looked up, although Lau Pa Sat was famous for being octagonal in shape, but to our dismay, the middle was not an octagon, but a square. so how did a square end up to be an octagon design? We made a study of the structure of the place and found out how it was done...

An eighth of the pie
The missing piece of the puzzle
The Whole Picture

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