An eighth of the pie
3D view Top view

8 of the same design placed together

Above shows the top view and a 3 dimensional view of a model of how an eighth of Telok Ayer Market looks like. However when we piece 8 of the models together there would be a hollow octagon shape missing in the middle.

The missing piece of the puzzle
As mentioned before, when we piece the models together, there is a missing octagon shape in the middle. But when we went to the location, we saw a square in the middle. The answer to this difference lies in half of the great rhombi-cuboctagon. We have below, a model of how the middle of the Telok Ayer Market is. Please note that the bottom are carved to form semi-circles as a decoration of the interior of the Market.

The whole picture
Here we have a simplified diagram of how the market looks like. Please note that we did not include the top of the tower as it does not affect the overall octagon shape.