Tangs Plaza and Marriot Hotel

Two entities housed under one building, Tangs plaza(formerly known as C.K Tangs) and Marriot hotel(formerly Dynasty Hotel). More well known would be C.K Tangs as it was probably the pioneer departmental store of Orchard Road. Heres a brief history of Tangs Plaza: The C.K Tang Limited was founded by MR.Tang Choon Keng in 1923, he came to Singapore without a cent and built his business empire through sheer hard work. Thus the building which houses it is built on the basic philosophy of honesty, integrity and value of money, in order to reflect its history. The resulting design of the building is very oriental and unique, making it stand out from the rest of the buildings in the are, and it is often looked upon as the landmark for the start of Orchard Road.

We noticed that the design of the building is full of octagons. This could be due to the reason that the Chinese believe that the practice of Feng Shui will bring prosperity, health benefits, and well-being. The proper application of Feng Shui can result in improvements in the life of the individuals who occupy the property. And in this case, octagonal-shaped buildings will bring the occupant fortune and money. Also, octagons have 8 equal sides, and the number 8, pronounced as "fa" in chinese dialect, and it means to prosper. However, contrary to what most people think that the only element of the building that has octagonal design is the tower (as shown above) a walk around the place will show that there are alot more pentagons used for the the design of the building. We shall take a look at how polygonal shapes (in this case, octagon) are used in the decoration and design of buildings.


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