If people look at where they are going, they will notice alot of octagons on the ground when they move around Tangs Plaza or Marriot Hotel. Although its not wrong to say that the oc tagons are made of tiles, but no octagonal tiles were used. Instead square tilings were cut and fitted together to form the octagons.

The top and the bottom of the pillars were not spared of having octagons added to it. We can also see that it is very de liberate, the way they included the octagons. Especially the octagons above the pillars, they are not part of the structure or anything, just added there to add abit of interest to the ceiling.


The railings around the building is constructed with alot of octagons, and and elongated octagon prisms (please refer to the figure on th e right)


Of course, we cannot forget the most prominent octagonal feature of the building, the tower itself. Due to the size of the tower, some may wonder how why we conclude the number of sides it has. But having counted it from different angles along Orchard Road and Scotts Road, we are convinced that this is an octagon tower.