Heavenly Mathematics & Cultural Astronomy, Tutorial 2

  1. Describe the motion of the Sun across the sky in the course of the day as seen from
  2. Suppose you work as a real estate agent in Norway and you're looking at an apartment with a balcony. Which direction do you hope the balcony is facing? What if you work in Australia? Do Singaporeans prefer “morning Sun” or “afternoon Sun”?
  3. If you live in the tropics, how often will the Sun be in zenith? What time of the year will it happen?
  4. What's the etymology of the following words?
  5. How long will there be midnight Sun at the North Pole? At the arctic circle? At other points in the Arctic?
  6. How does the distance between the northernmost and the southernmost rising position of the Sun depend on the latitude?
  7. What is the Sun's altitude when it crosses the meridian in Singapore at the solstices or equinoxes?

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