It was something that came into my mind during today's lecture. I composed the following poem based on the crazy ideas that were running through my mind during that time.


If I were god, I would not have confused astronomers with the things I did.
I would've made things simple and understandable for every newborn kid.
I wouldn't make anyone wonder for centuries about what's going on out there,
because we're all in this together and right now, things aren't all that fair.

The Earth rotates with a tilt of 23.5 degrees and that's no fun,
because it confuses the astronomers with the rising position of the sun.
Why does the Earth have to do that? - there's no practical use to it,
hence, I would edit this mistake and not confuse anyone - not one little bit.

The sun and the moon's gravity causes precession - a funky movement of the Earth's axis, I should say.
It shifts the position of the vernal equinox over a long period of time and drags it away.
This causes the position of the pole star to change - interesting? - I guess not,
Due to this, astronomers (let alone anyone else) were a pretty confused lot!

Why does Earth's orbit have to be an ellipse? - a perfectly round circle is a decent geometric shape.
Nicholas Copernicus wouldn't have wasted his life if not for this practical joke that left him agape.
Then I'm told that the Earth is not an exact sphere - it's a bit squashed from the North and South poles.
Not funny, once again - tough luck - god isn't supposed to act comedian's roles!

I'm sure you'll agree with me, that god can confuse us at times like this.
We need to look with the correct point of view so that the exciting side of life we wouldn't miss.
However, if I were god, I would have pity on the Astronomers - make them relax and have a good night's sleep,
for they've been nocturnal for centuries - it really makes me weep!

Hope you see the funny side of this. This isn't a criticism about the module or anything near that (no confusions about the module - the facts that you teach are crystal clear! - honest). Just wanted to share my views. I hope you understand my point that a lot of sweat and blood was shed to climb up the ladder of Astronomy to where we are right now.