Time Zones in Malaysia

Some years ago I created this page based on information from the file asia, which is part of the tz database. After giving a lecture on the Chinese calendar at the Department of History at the National University of Singapore I got in touch with Mok Ly Yng, who has researched this extensively, and corrected some errors in the tz database. I have created a page with the article he sent me. I have kept this page because it gives information about East Malaysia, too. I use the modern terms East and West Malaysia for convenience.

The local mean time in Kuala Lumpur is (6:46:48). West Malaysia used local mean time until 1880, when they changed to Singapore mean time (6:55:24). In 1905 they changed to 7:00, in 1933 to 7:20 and in 1941 to 7:30. During the Japanese occupation, Tokyo time was used, before changing back to 7:30 in 1945. In 1982, they finally changed to 8:00. This was done to create a single time zone for East and West Malaysia. Since the capital and 80% of the population is in West Malaysia, I've always found it strange that the whole country follows East Malaysia's time, but I guess it was a gesture of goodwill towards East Malaysia.

# Malaysia
# Zone  NAME            GMTOFF  RULES   FORMAT  [UNTIL]
Zone Asia/Kuala_Lumpur  6:46:48 -       LMT     1880
                        6:55:24 -       SMT     1905 Jun # Singapore Mean Time
                        7:00    -       MALT    1933     # Malaya Time
                        7:20    -       MALT    1941 Aug 31
                        7:30    -       MALT    1942 Feb 15
                        9:00    -       JST     1945 Sep 2
                        7:30    -       MALT    1982 May
                        8:00    -       MYT     # Malaysia Time

The local mean time in Kuching is (7:21:20). Sabah and Sarawak used local mean time until 1926. They then changed to 7:30. In 1933, when West Malaysia changed to 7:20, they changed to 8:00, with a 20min time change between September 14 and December 14. During the Japanese occupation, Tokyo time was used, before changing back to 8:00, but without the daylight savings time, in 1945. The tz database does not distinguish between Sabah and Sarawak, so I assume that these changes applied to both places.

Zone Asia/Kuching       7:21:20 -       LMT     1926 Mar
                        7:30    -       BORT    1933    # Borneo Time
                        8:00    NBorneo BOR%sT  1942
                        9:00    -       JST     1945 Sep 2
                        8:00    -       BORT    1982 May
                        8:00    -       MYT

# Rule  NAME    FROM    TO      TYPE    IN      ON      AT      SAVE LETTER/S
Rule    NBorneo 1935    1941    -       Sep     14      0:00    0:20 TS
Rule    NBorneo 1935    1941    -       Dec     14      0:00    0    -

The daylight savings time from September 14 to December 14 is very interesting. On November 3, the equation of time reaches a maximum of 16m 25s. This seems to be an attempt at reducing the variation in the time of the sunrise by looking at how the analemma rises in the tropics.

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