CZ 5274 ----- Computational Fluid Dynamics

(Semester 2 2005/2006)

Lecturer: Weizhu Bao

Office: S14 #04-20;

Office Hours: Thursday: 2:00-4:00pm or by appointment at S14 #04-20.

Phone: 6516-2765(o); E-mail:

Course Web:

Lecture time/venue: Thursday 12:00nn-2:00pm at S16 #03-03.

Tutorial time/venue: Thursday 10:00am--11:15am SOC1 #07-04

Lab venue: At Year 3 Lab S16, level 8.


Reference Book :

Course Outline: The course will focus on introduction to fluid dynamics, basic numerical methods for differential equations, primitive variable formulation, vorticity formulation, numerical methods for compressible flow and some applicaitons. Detail Outline

Grading: The course grade will be calculated as follows: Final exam: 50%; Projects and Homework assignments: 40%; Presentations: 10%.

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Homework and Lab Assignments: click here for assignments

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