MA5240 ----- Finite Element Method

(Semester 2 2017/18)

Lecturer: Weizhu Bao

Office: S17 #08-18

Office Hours: Friday, 10:00am -- 11:00am or by appointment at S17 #08-18.

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Lecture time/venue: Tuesday, 12:00nn -- 2:00pm; and Friday, 12:00nn--2:00pm at S17 #04-04.


  • S. C. Brenner and L. R. Scott: The Mathematical Theory of Finite Element Methods (1998). Publisher: Springer-Verlag.

    Reference Book :

    Course Outline: This module studies the finite element method. It covers the following topics: variational principles, weak solutions of differential equations, Galerkin/Ritz method, Lax-Milgram theorem, finite element spaces, stiffness matrices. Shape functions, Barycentric coordinates, numerical integration in R^n, calculation of stiffness matrices, constraints and boundary conditions, iterative methods and approximate solutions, error estimates. The course is for mathematics graduate students with interest in finite element method and its applications. Detail Outline

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