Math 2508 D1-----Calculus V

(Fall 1998)

Course Instructor: Weizhu Bao

Office: Skiles 227; Office Hours: MWF:2:30-5:00pm

Phone: 404-894-6555; E-mail:

Texts: 1. Calculus, by Stanley I. Grossman (5th edition); 2. Elementary Linear Algebra, by Howard Anton (7th edition).

Materials to be covered:

  • Anton: 1.1-1.6; 2.1-2.3; 4.1-4.3; 5.2-5.6; 6.4; 7.1-7.3; 9.1, 9.3, 9.5-9.7.

  • Grossman: 13.12, 15.10

    Grading: There will five short-quizzes, two midterms and one final exam. The schedule will be announced in my classes. The final grade will be determined by: five short quizzes 20%; two midterm examinations: 40%; final examination: 40%.

    Assignments: Homework will be assigned, but will not be colleted for marking. You should try all the assigned questions in order to get a good grade. Some questions in the tests and in the final exam might be similar to those assigned.

    Click here for assigned problems

    This course outline is available on web site: http://www.math.gatech/~wbao/2508D1.html