A J Berrick



  • B.Sc., Univ. of Sydney
  • D.Phil., Univ. of Oxford

Current research interests

Algebraic topology

Algebraic K-theory

Cohomology of groups

Interview on my research (for non-mathematicians and students)

List of publications

NUS Topology and Geometry Seminar Programme:    current             historic

Winner (with Wu Jie), National Science Award 2007

Chair (with F.R. Cohen), Braids program at Singapore's Institute for Mathematical Sciences 2007

NUS Science Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2004

NUS Science Faculty Outstanding Scientist Award 2007

Inaugural Professor of Science (Mathematics), Yale-NUS College (from July 2012)

Prof A J Berrick
Department of Mathematics
National University of Singapore
10 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119076
Republic of Singapore


Tel. +65 6516 2747 (office)
+65 6779 5452 (fax)


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