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  • 7. A J Berrick, F Cohen, E Hanbury, Y-L Wong & J Wu (eds): Braids - Introductory lectures on braids, configurations and their applications, IMS Lecture Notes 19, World Scientific (Singapore, 2009).
  • 6. A J Berrick, M C Leung & X Xu (eds): Topology and Geometry - Commemorating SISTAG, Contemporary Math 314, Amer Math Soc (Providence RI, 2002).
  • 5. A J Berrick & M E Keating: Categories and Modules, with K-theory in view, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Math 67, Cambridge Univ Press (Cambridge, 2000).
  • 4. A J Berrick & M E Keating: An Introduction to Rings and Modules, with K-theory in view,  Cambridge Studies in Advanced Math 65, Cambridge Univ Press (Cambridge, 2000).
  • 3. A J Berrick, B Loo & H Wang (eds): Geometry from the Pacific Rim: Procs Pacific Rim Geometry Conf - Singapore 1994 Walter de Gruyter, (Berlin, 1997).
  • 2. A J Berrick, T Bier & T B Ng (eds): Procs Singapore Topology Conf 1985, Topology and its Applications 25 (1987), special issue.
  • 1. A J Berrick: An Approach to Algebraic K-Theory, Research Notes in Math. 56, Pitman (London, 1982).




·       68. A J Berrick, M Karoubi, P A Ostvaer and M Schlichting: The homotopy fixed point theorem and the Quillen-Lichtenbaum conjecture in Hermitian K-theory, Advances in Math 278 (2015), 34–55.

·       67. A J Berrick and L Hesselholt: Topological Hochschild homology and the Bass trace conjecture, J reine angew Math 704 (2015), 169-185.





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