Working papers

1.     A portfolio rebalancing theory of disposition effect (with H. Liu and J. Xu)

2.     Robo-advising: a dynamic mean-variance analysis (with H. Jin, S. Kou, and Y. Xu)

3.     Designing stable coins (with Y. Cao, S. Kou, L. Li, and C. Yang)

4.     A stochastic representation for nonlocal parabolic PDEs with applications (with S. Kou, and C. Yang)

5.     Opaque bank assets and optimal equity capital (with S. Huang, and J. Keppo)

6.     Exhaustible resources with adjustment costs: Spot and futures prices (with S. Kou, and C. Qin)

Publications (press here by category)

1.     How does illiquidity affect delegated portfolio choice?  Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis to appear (with L. Goncalves-Pinto and J. Xu)

2.     Portfolio selection with capital gains tax, recursive utility, and regime switching Management Science (2018), 64(5), 2308-2324 (with J. Cai and X. Chen); The first version: Asymptotics for Merton problem with small capital gain tax and interest rate (with X. Chen)

3.     Optimal trend following trading rules Mathematics of Operations Research, (2016), 41(2), 626-642 (with Z. Yang, Q. Zhang, and Q. Zhu)

4.     A note on finite horizon optimal investment and consumption with transaction costs Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B (2016), 21(5), 1445-1454 (with Z. Yang)

5.     Calibration of stochastic volatility models: A Tikhonov regularization approach Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2016), 64, 66-81 (with L. Tang and X.Y. Yue)

6.     Portfolio choice with market closure and implications for liquidity premia, Management Science, (2016) 62(2), 368-386 (with P.F. Li, H. Liu, and Y. Wang)

7.     Optimal tax-timing with asymmetric long-term/short-term capital gains tax  Review of Financial Studies, (2015), 28(9), 2687-2721 (with H. Liu, C. Yang, and Y.F. Zhong)

8.     Superhedging under ratio constraint Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, (2015), 58, 250-264 (with Y. Chen, J. Xu, and M. Xu)

9.     Hiring, firing and employment protection Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2015), 56, 55-81 (with J. Keppo and T. Maull)

10.  Pricing corporate debt with finite maturity and Chapter 11 proceedings, Quantitative Finance (2013), 13(12), 1855-1861. (with L. Jiang and J. Lin)

11.  Characterization of optimal strategy for multi-asset investment and consumption with transaction costs SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics (2013), 4(1), 857-883. (with X. Chen)

12.  A non-zero-sum game approach to convertible bonds: tax benefit, bankruptcy cost and early/late calls, Mathematical Finance (2013), 23(1), 57-93. (with N. Chen, X. Wan)

13.  Finite horizon optimal investment and consumption with CARA Utility and proportional transaction costs Stochastic Analysis and Applications to Finance, Essays in Honour of Jia-an Yan, Eds. T. Zhang and X. Y. Zhou, World Scientific, 2012, 39-54 (with Y. Chen and K. Zhao)

14.  Optimal stock selling based on the global maximum, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization (2012), 50, 1804-1822. (with Y.F. Zhong and Z. Yang)

15.  Leverage management in a bull-bear switching market Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2012), 36, 1585-1599. (with H.F. Wang and Z. Yang)

16.  Optimal stock selling/buying strategy with reference to the ultimate average, Mathematical Finance (2012), 22(1), 165-184. (with Y.F. Zhong)

17.  Optimal redeeming strategy of stock loans with finite maturity, Mathematical Finance (2011), 21(4), 775-793 (with Z.Q. Xu)

18.  Optimal decision for selling an illiquid stock, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (2011), 151(2), 402-417. (with B. Bian, L. Jiang, J. Zhang and Y.F. Zhong)

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20.  Illiquidity, position limits, and optimal investment for mutual funds, Journal of Economic Theory (2011), 146, 1598-1630. (with H.Q. Jin and H. Liu)

21.  Trend following trading under a regime switching model, SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics (2010), 1, 780-810. (with Q. Zhang and Q. Zhu)

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25.  A lattice pricing algorithm for moving-average barrier options, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2010) 34(3):542-554 (with P.F. Li and J.E. Zhang)

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