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Subhroshekhar Ghosh
National University of Singapore
Department of Mathematics
10 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119076

Email: subhrowork (**at**) gmail.com
matghos (**at**) nus.edu.sg
Phone: +65-8876-0149

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About me

I am an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore. I am broadly interested in stochastics, more particularly in problems coming from statistical physics and the math of data. . Before joining NUS, I was a post doc at Princeton University, and prior to that I obtained my PhD in Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley under the supervision of Yuval Peres. Before that, I did my Bachelor in Statistics and Master in Mathematics degrees at the Indian Statistical Institute.


A Random Gallery

            Left to right: Poisson point process, Ginibre eigenvalues and Gaussian zeroes

            Left to right: Surface plot of a normalised GAF, Linear rigidity of Ginibre eigenvalues

            Left to right: Conditional intensity for a Gaussian matrix and for a Gaussian polynomial