Wee Teck Gan

How to reach me

Mathematics Department
National University of Singapore
Block S17, 10 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119076

E-mail: matgwt(AT)nus(\cdot)edu.sg
Phone: +65-6516-2739 (office)
Fax: +65-67795452


Papers and Preprints

Talks and Course Notes

  • Slides of a short course on automorphic forms given in Hangzhou, China (Summer 2004). They may contain some minor inaccuracies which I'm too lazy to correct right now.

    Classical Modular Forms
    Automorphic Forms on Real Groups
    Automorphic Forms on Adele Groups
    Eisenstein Series
    Multiplicity One for GL(n)

  • Slides of two lectures on Tate's thesis and Automorphic L-functions given in Seville (Oct 2009)

    Tate's Thesis
    Automorphic L-functions

  • Slides of a colloquium talk on the local Langlands correspondence given at Univ. of Michigan (Dec 2009)

    Local Langlands Correspondence

  • Slides of a talk on the Gross-Prasad conjecture given at Chinese University of Hong Kong (Sept 2010)

    Restriction of representations of classical groups

  • Slides of talk at the ICM satellite conference (Goa, Aug 2010) and the ICCM

    Representations and automorphic forms of metaplectic groups

  • Notes of a representation theory course given in Princeton (not completed. I'll work on it if I get to teach a similar course again)

    Weeks 1 and 2: Haar measure and Peter-Weyl theorem
    Week 3: Basic Lie theory
    Week 4.1: Linear algebraicity and Complexification
    Week 4.2: Maximal Tori
    Week 5.1: Abstract Root Systems
    Week 5.2: Root Systems of Compact Lie Groups