Math 202B & C
Winter, 2010

  • Class time and Location: MWF, 12pm-12:50pm, in AP&M 5402.
  • Office hour: Mon 2-3pm and Fri 2-3pm.
  • The TA and grader is Andy Parrish, but he is not supposed to work too hard. He will hold a weekly office hour:
  • Reference Books:

    I won't be using a parrticular book, but useful reference are:

    (i) G. James and M. Liebeck: Representations and Characters of Groups

    (ii) J. P. Serre: Linear representations of finite groups, GTM 42

    (iii) B. Sagan: Representations, combinatorial algorithms and symmetric functions

    (iv) W. Fulton and J. Harris: Representation theory, GTM 129

    (v) I. G. MacDonald: Symmetric fucntions and Hall polynomials.

  • Syllabus:

    Here is the syllabus for the qualifying exam in MAy 2010.

  • Homework (202B):

    HW1 (Weeks 1-2, due in class on Wed, 1/20): Problem Sheet 1

    HW2 (Weeks 3-5, due in class on Wed, 2/10): Problem Sheet 2

    HW3 (Weeks 5-7, due in class on Wed, 2/24): Problem Sheet 3

    HW4 (Weeks 7-9, due in class on Wed, 3/10): Problem Sheet 4

  • Homework (202C):

    HW4 (Weeks 1-3, due in class on Fri, 4/16): Problem Sheet 5