Student Exchange between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University of Oslo (UiO)

General background

There is currently an exchange program in place. It allows for sending up to four students for one semester each year. It is beginning to get utilized from both UiO and NUS.

Students in Oslo normally take three courses each semester for a total of 30 points. Students in NUS normally take five courses for a total of 20 modular credits.

Most departments in Oslo are willing to get courses in English if requested, except for first year courses. There is also a number of courses that are always taught in English.

Course packages for mathematics students

NUS to UiO

We recommend that students from Singapore go in Semester 6. We recommend that they take two of the following math modules (all taught in English).

Other courses taught in the Spring Semester in Oslo.

If you go in Semester 5 or 7, you may consider the following modules.

For general information about the math major in Oslo, see Matematikk, informatikk og teknologi (in Norwegian).

For comments about the courses in Oslo, please see Comments about courses at the UiO.

UiO to NUS

We recommend that mathematics students from Oslo go in Semester 5.

Other mathematics courses they may consider taking.

Course package for biology students

NUS to UiO

Students who go in their fourth semester can take the following courses.

For students who go in their fifth semester the following mappings have been approved by NUS.

UiO modules NUS Module
BIO4220  Natural Selection and Adaptive Evolution LSM3252 Evolution and Comparative Genomics
MBV3060 General microbiology LSM3232 Microbiology
MBV4310  Comparative and ecological physiology LSM3262 Comparative Animal Physiology
BIO4200 Molecular Evolution LSM3252 Evolution and Comparative Genomics
BIO4500 General toxicology LSM3991 Exchange Enrichment Module
BIO4210 Classification and Phylogeny LSM3991 Exchange Enrichment Module

Module mappings for physics courses at UiO

The following mappings have been approved by NUS.

UiO modules NUS Modules
FYS4130 Statistical mechanics PC4241 Statistical Mechanics
FYS4560 Elementary particle physics PC4245 Particle Physics
UNIK4150 Antennas and radiowave propagation PC4262 Remote Sensing
FYS4160 The general theory of relativity PC4248 Relativity
FYS3140 Mathematical methods in physics PC3274 Mathematical Methods II
FYS3410 Condensed matter physics PC3235 Solid State Physics I
INF-MAT3360 Partial differential equations MA4221 PDE
INF-MAT3370 Linear optimization MA2215 Linear Optimization
MAT1300 Analysis I MA2108 Real Analysis

Non-major courses that are suitable for exchange students

UiO to NUS

NUS has a program of General Education. Many of these modules are suitable for exchange students.

NUS to UiO

The following modules are all taught in English and may be mapped to a "dummy module". You can also consult the list of courses offered in English. Please bear in mind that other than the NORINT courses and Examen philosophicum, these are not general courses, but courses aimed a majors in the various subjects. So I strongly recommend taking one of the two NORINT courses or Examen philosophicum unless you have a strong interest in the subject.

Autumn semester

Spring semester

General information for exchange students

UiO to NUS

Apply for student housing at PGP on-line and not through hard copy.

NUS to UiO

Comparison between Sogn Studentby and Kringsjå Studentby

Sogn Kringsjå
General Most buildings have only 4 levels. There are 2 main tall buildings. Most buildings are tall (about 9 levels).
T-bane (Subway). T-bane stations are marked with a ‘T’ with a circle around it. T-bane station (Ullevål stadion) is about 5 minutes walk away from Sogn Studentby. Depending on your location in Sogn, it may take 8-10 minutes to reach the T-bane station. T-bane station (Kringsjå) is just outside Kringsjå Studentby. Depending on your location in Kringsjå Studentby, it may take some time to walk to the T-bane station.
Transport to UiO
  • T-bane Lines 3,4,5 run at Ullevål Stadion T-bane station. All 3 lines reach Forskningsparken T-bane station (~1 min) and Blindern T-bane station (2-3mins) where you can walk to UiO (3-5mins). 
  • Possible to walk to UiO from Sogn Studentby. About 20-30mins. Walk along Sognsveien. There are 3 possible right turns where you can make to reach UiO. The 2nd right turn (Eventyrveien) is more straightforward.
Only T-bane Line 3 run at Kringsjå T-bane station. Get off at Forskningsparken T-bane station or Blindern T-bane station where you can walk to UiO (3-5mins). 
Reception Reception is at Kringsjå Studentby which is 15-20mins walking distance away. Reception is at Kringsjå Studentby.
  • Rema 1000 supermarket is within Sogn Studentby.
  • ICA Supermarked Supermarket and RIMI Supermarket are at Ullevål Stadion which is opposite Ullevål Stadion T-bane station.
  • KIWI supermarket is within Kringsjå Studentby.
  • Meny supermarket is on the other of Kringsjå T-bane station.

Banking services and paying rent

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