Calendars in Singapore

Public Holidays in Singapore

There are 11 public holidays in Singapore:

There are three secular holiday, New Year's Day, Labour Day and National Day, and eight religious/racial holidays: Two Chinese, two Islamic, two Indian and two Christian. Christmas falls on a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar, but the other seven traditional holiday are movable. The holidays are listed in order, except for the Muslim holidays, which move throughout the year.

Singapore is a great place to study calendars, since we use the Gregorian, Chinese, Islamic and Indian calendar for determining public holidays. I have written two papers on the Chinese calendar, and I'm currently working on papers on the Islamic and Indian calendars. I have also written lecture notes on “The Mathematics of the Public Holidays of Singapore” and “Fake Leap Months in the Chinese Calendar: From the Jesuits to 2033”.

The Chinese Calendar

I have written three papers about “The Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar”.

The Islamic Calendar

I'm working on a paper on the Islamic calendar in Singapore, where I will compare the predictions made by MUIS with predictions made by Muslim scientists abroad. In particular, you will see why both Eid ul-Fitrs (Hari Raya Puasas) in 2000 were celebrated one day earlier than they would have been if MUIS had relied on sightings or scientific criteria.

The Indian Calendar

I'm working on a paper on the Indian calendar and its regional variations. I also have a page on When is Deepavali (Diwali)?

Calendar Software

The most authoritative source for information about calendars is the book Calendrical Calculations by Nachum Dershowitz and Edward M. Reingold of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If you need a calendar conversion program, the place to go is their Calendar Applet.

Heavenly Mathematics

I'm preparing a new Cross-Faculty module called Heavenly Mathematics, which will be offered in Semester 1 of 2001/2002.

Astronomical Java Applets and Animations

Together with Tey Meng Khoon and Frederick H. Willeboordse of CITA, I have developed several interactive Java applets that I hope will help you understand the motion of the Earth and the Sun.

We have also developed several interactive applets to explain What Does the Waxing or Waning Moon Look Like in Different Parts of the World?

Sunrise and Sunset Times in the Tropics

I'm working on a paper on The Analemma from a Tropical Point of View.

Why is Singapore in the “Wrong” Time Zone?

The short answer is that West Malaysia follows the time zone for East Malaysia, and that Singapore follows West Malaysia. For more details, please look at my web page Why is Singapore in the “Wrong” Time Zone?

When Did the Millennium Start?

I have some contrarian views on when the Millennium started.

My Reviews on

I've written a number of reviews on If you're interested in mathematics and astronomy, you may enjoy some of the books. If you find my reviews helpful, don't forget to vote for them! :-)

Public Lectures

I have a separate page about my public lectures on topics in astronomy and mathematics.

Student Projects

I have a separate page about the student projects I have supervised.

Calendar Links

I have a separate page of Calendar links.

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