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Welcome to my home page! My name is Edvard Jia-Xiong Aslaksen (艾加熊) and I was born at 10:40 a.m. on February 13, 2006. I was named Edvard after my grandfather Edvard Andreas Aslaksen (1924 - 2004), my great-great-grandfather Edvard Waldemar Aslaksen (1868 - 1938) and my great-great-great grandfather Edvard Andreas Aslaksen (1816 - 1892). I also have a great-grand uncle called Edvard Andreas Aslaksen, and a second cousin and a second cousin once removed called Edvarda.

I spell my name Edvard, not Edward. Just like Edvard Munch and Edvard Grieg. But Pappa has told me that most people outside of Norway will misspell my name. I pronounce my name with equal stress on the two syllables and with a "t" at the end. Edvard is an old English name. Ed means rich and vard means guard.

My family name means son of Aslak. Aslak is derived form the old Norse name Åslakr. Ås means god and lakr means play. So I'm the playmate of the Gods!

My four-great grandfather was Aslak Eriksen Herberg (1777-1827). His son was Edvard Andreas Aslaksen (1816 - 1892) and the family has used Aslaksen as a family name since then.

My Chinese name means Cal Bear, in memory of Pappa's happy years at UC Berkeley while getting his Ph.D. between 1982 and 1988 and the sabbatical my parents spent there from 2004 to 2005. I was conceived within earshot of the Campanile! ;-)

Here you can see some pictures from when I was born. Mamma is really brave!

Getting ready at home
Settling in at the hospital
36 hours later: A star is born!
Hello, world!
So this is what you look like!
It was worth it!
Should I look like Edvard Munch's painting or sound like Edvard Grieg's music?
3584g, roaring to go!
Mission accomplished!
Isn't he beautiful?
This blanket is almost as comfortable as Mamma's womb! I think I will take a little nap!
The best Mamma in the whole wide world!

When I was two days old I googled myself, and my home was ranked number one when you search for "Edvard Aslaksen". Not bad for a two day old baby! The second page is Pappa's home page, while the third page is a page about my grandfather, Edvard Aslaksen.

Tante Iulie has come to say hi to me
Wow, this carry cot that tante Iulie and onkel Tom bought is really cool!
I'm looking forward to meeting all my relatives in Norway!
Pappa says that I look very sweet when I sleep

The week after I was born Pappa was in Trondheim, Norway. My great-great-granfather is buried there together with is wife, Ellen Richter Lundgreen. They lie in the Lundgreen and Klingenberg burial spot right next to the north entrance of the cathedral. Pappa took these pictures of their tomb. His full name was Edvard Waldemar Aslaksen. Nice name!

The tomb of Edvard Waldemar Aslaksen and Ellen Richter Lundgreen
Too bad they only had space for “Waldem”

I had a lot of fun during the summer and fall. First we went to England and Spain and then we stayed a semester in Norway. I've got lots more pictures, but I told Pappa to start a new page.

Pappa has now started a blog for all of us.

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