English subtitles for Flammen & Citronen

There are a lot of excellent movies made in Scandinavia these days, but unfortunately, some of them are released without English subtitles. Here are some English subtitles I wrote for Flammen & Citronen so that my wife could watch it, too. There are at least two other English subtitle files for the movie available on-line, but both of them are just raw output from Google's translator. One of them had lots of Danish words from the original subtitle file left in the text, while one was a translation of a Finnish translation of the subtitles and had lots of Finnish words in the text. I downloaded a file with Danish subtitles from subscene.com, ran them through Google's translator, and then spent several hours tweaking them.

A minor problem was of course the fact that I don't really know Danish. Being Norwegian I can read it quite well, but I must confess that I sometimes have problem with spoken Danish. I especially struggled with understanding what Citronen was saying. And I learned lots of interesting words, like knepe and kraftedeme.

The wonderful program Subtitle Workshop helped a lot. It sets up a nice translation environment, and also helped me synch the subtitles.

Synching is an issue. When writing the subtitles, it was easier to use CloneDVDMobile to rip the the DVD to an avi file. I synched them nicely, but when I then used ConvertXtoDVD to burn a DVD with both Danish and English subtitles, I realized that the subtitles were about 4 seconds early! CloneDVDmobile had cut off some blank stuff at the beginning when ripping from the DVD. So I went back and added a delay to the subtitles using Subtitle Workshop.

If the subtitles are out of synch for you, I suggest that you use a media player that can delay the subtitles. In Media Player Classice you can use the F1 or F2 keys and in VLC you use the g and h keys. Or you can of course use Subtitle Workshop yourself

I hope you will enjoy this file! If you have suggestions for improvements or if you enjoy using it, I would love to hear from you. I suppose that eventually an English version will be released, but this will still help those of you who already have bought the Scandinavian version.

I bought the DVD from www.laserdisken.dk. (Many Scandinavian DVD shops don't ship internationally, but Laserdisken does.)

If you are playing the movie on your computer (remember that you can connect your computer to your TV) and you have a reasonably good media player, you can load the subtitle file in your player. If you are watching it on a DVD player, you need to first rip the DVD using for instance AnyDVD and CloneDVDmobile and then use for instance ConvertXtoDVD to burn a DVD with the subtitles.

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