Salsa in Singapore

Salsa Rueda with Fen,
Junice and Nick at the JitterBugs Xmas party 2000
Salsa Rueda with Fen, Junice and Nick at the JitterBugs Xmas party 2000

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Salsa Classes

I love to dance Salsa! If you want to learn to dance Salsa, there are several great classes.


Güpson Pierre and his assistants teach at Attitude Dance Studio at Palmer House (the old YMCA building), 70 Palmer Road #01-05. I've taken dance classes from tons of teachers in many different countries, but of all the teachers I've had, Güpson is the one who gives the clearest explanations. If you want to know whether that funky hand move happens on 6 or 7, he will give the answer right away. The way he can do both the men's and women's steps and hand moves solo is a wonderful example of “applied geometry”. You may also want to check out SalsaPower.

Lionel Araya teaches at L.A. Dance Connection.

Alex Chui, Jean Goh and Wendy Yee teach at Two Left Feet Dance School.

June and Jackson teach at DanceHub.

Jitterbugs has taught salsa for many years.

Suman conducts Salsa classes at Dance Unlimited Singapore.

Salsa Clubs

Clubs and salsa nights come and go. Please check out Webster Low's salsainsingapore Yahoo group.

You can also look at what SalsaWeb says about Singapore.

Salsa Mailing List

Please check out Webster's salsainsingapore Yahoo group.

Salsa Videos

You may want to check out some of the many good Salsa videos. A good place to start is Neal's list of Salsa videos. He also has a listing of Lindy Hop videos.

If you're looking for good Salsa Rueda (Casino Rueda) tapes, with steps similar to the styles common in Singapore, I recommend the following:

Salsa Steps

There are many lists of Salsa steps on the web.

General Dance Links

Salsa Music

I have a separate music page. I have some suggestions for good Salsa music, so please check it out!

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