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A few pictures of my trekking trip to Nepal in November and December, 2000.

First Day.jpg (49804 bytes)

At the hotel on the first day in Kathmandu.

PoonHill.jpg (28460 bytes)

Four girls from Hong Kong whom we met on the way up to Poon Hill.  The picture was taken while we were waiting for the sunrise in freezing cold.

ABC.jpg (43071 bytes)

Guys at ABC.jpg (51105 bytes)

These pictures were taken at Annapurna Base Camp, above 4100m. 

Way down to Chomrong.jpg (63717 bytes)

On the way back down.  We had been trekking for 8 to 9 days at this point.


Phedi.jpg (47732 bytes)

The end of the trek at Phedi.

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Pictures of my cats

Kido.jpg (87590 bytes)

Kido aka Leo.  Adopted 1988 Austin, Texas, USA

Missy and Junior.jpg (120778 bytes)

Junior (left) and Missy.  Junior was found in Austin, Texas, USA in 1988.  Missy was found in Singapore in 1996.


Missy.jpg (61985 bytes)

Missy2.jpg (142516 bytes)

More of the divine M.


Kido passed away in September 1998, Missy passed away in April 2004, Junior passed away in September 2004.

In Memoriam to my great friends and companions who are now in kitty heaven, a quote from the Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zi:









He who dreams of wine finds himself weeping during the day.
He who dreams of crying finds himself hunting in the fields during the day.
Within the dream he knows not that he is dreaming.
He dreams of having a dream.
Only upon waking does he realize that it was all a dream.
Only upon the Great Awakening does he find that it was all a Great Dream.
[My translation]

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July 2001 

Pictures of Singapore

MacRitchie Reservoir.jpg (58539 bytes)

Pulau Ubin.jpg (118022 bytes)

Cat on Pulau Ubin.jpg (99140 bytes)

MacRitchie Reservoir

Mangrove on Pulau Ubin (an outlying island)

Local cat on Pulau Ubin

Pictures of Rural Hong Kong

        My parents and I on a trip to Tai (Mo Shan) -- Shing (Mun) Creek (大城石涧)

Shing Mun River.jpg (131348 bytes)

Shing Mun River 2.jpg (144569 bytes)

Parents at Shing Mun River2.jpg (116781 bytes)

        Sai Kung (西贡)

Limestone Kiln.jpg (192798 bytes)

Hau Tong Kai.jpg (213166 bytes)

Hau Tong Kai 2.jpg (318332 bytes)

An old limestone kiln

Hau Tong Kai (猴塘溪)

M & J & a cushion

M&J&a cushion.jpg (74652 bytes)

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Summer hiking trips in Hong Kong

Macau, 7/02

Krabi, Thailand 12/02


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Maldives, 7/03

Vabbinfaru, Maldives.  I was adrift on this island for 8 days.

Stingrays come to play and be fed.

Baby and juvenile reef sharks.

Hong Kong, 12/03

ShenZhen through winter smog


Eastern Hong Kong & Kowloon

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Prague 4/04

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Hong Kong 6/04


Chek Lap Kok International Airport

with Castle Peak in the background

Tai O fishing village




Coastlining is fun

and exciting


Jumping off

Attempting to land

Clambering along the coastline

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Hong Kong 12/04



Bamboo tunnel




Reaching the top


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After winning the interdepartmental games in soccer 1/05

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Vancouver & The Canadian Rockies 6/05


Landmark in Stanley Park

North Vancouver from Prospect Point

Clouds over Horseshoe Bay

Reflections on Moraine Lake

Snow keeps falling on my head


The breathtaking Mistaya Canyon

The unbelievably turquoise waters of Peyto Lake

Sky over Rockies

Picture postcard of a day

A whole lot of ice


Breaking symmetry

Trudging in a snowstorm

I'm king of the world!

Elk in my lens

Psychedelic Mountain


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Hong Kong 12/05



A mighty guardian tree










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Hong Kong 9/06

Pool with an edge




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Kaohsiung 11/06


Mud volcano

... erupting



Entry to port of KaohsiungNational Sun Yat Sen University is on the left

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Czech Republic 4/07


Prague Castle


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Greece 6/07



Vikos gorge

At the bottom

Local goatherd


The fabulously atmospheric Mikros Papigo

The village of Pythagorio on Samos

Views of Kalovassi, northern Samos

Dock area with outdoor cafes

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Beijing Tianjin 7/07

Tiananmen Great Wall Forbidden City

French church in Tianjin

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Siem Reap, Cambodia 12/07

    Two views of Angkor Wat

Apsaras   Looking for Lara Croft

Fishing village on Tonle Sap

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Go visit my work web page if you are interested.  There's a more recent picture of me there now.  The picture was taken in Banff, Canada.


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