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Dr Ng Kah Loon

Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, NUS

Director, Science IT Unit, Faculty of Science, NUS

Resident Fellow and Domestic Bursar, Kent Ridge Hall, NUS


Contact information:


matngkl@nus.edu.sg / scingkl@nus.edu.sg





Modules taught in the past:

MA1101R (Linear Algebra I)

MA1508 (Linear Algebra with Applications)

MA2214 (Combinatorial Analysis)

MA3233 (Algorithmic Graph Theory)


Module currently teaching (Semester 2, AY2012/13):

MA2214 (Combinatorial Analysis)


Teaching awards: I have received teaching awards at both the Faculty (Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, Honor Roll) and University (Annual Teaching Excellence Award) level.



Administrative Service: The following are the administrative appointments that I have held in the past or are currently holding:

Coordinator, SM2/SM3 Program, Faculty of Science (July 2010 – December 2011)

Director, Science IT Unit, Faculty of Science (January 2012 – Present)

Member, Young Educators in Science (YES) Steering Committee (September 2011 – Present)

Member, Task Force for IT-Enhanced Learning, Faculty of Science (July 2012 – Present)


Resident Fellow, Kent Ridge Hall (January 2010 – Present)

Domestic Bursar, Kent Ridge Hall (February 2011 – Present)


Member, Executive Committee, Singapore Mathematical Society (2008)

Assistant Secretary, Singapore Mathematical Society (2009)

Honorary Secretary, Singapore Mathematical Society (2010 – Present)


Research: My research interest is in Graph Theory and its application to Social Sciences and Life Sciences. My current research topics include (i) the game of cops and robbers on a graph (ii) the firefighter problem on a graph; (iii) domination theory in graphs; (iv) voting problems on a graph.


Selected publications:

1)    (With K.M. Koh) The orientation number of two complete graphs with linkages, Discrete Mathematics, 295 (2005): 91-106.

2)    (With K.M. Koh) On optimal orientation of cycle vertex multiplications, Discrete Mathematics, 297 (2005): 104-118.

3)    (With N. Fefferman) The role of individual choice in the evolution of social complexity, Annales Zoologici Fennici, 44 (2007): 58-69.

4)  Plasticity in individual choice in social network evolution, Annales Zoologici Fennici, 45 (2007): 441-448.

5)    (With N. Fefferman) How disease models in static networks can fail to approximate disease in dynamic networks, Physical Review E, 76 (2007), 0341033.

6)    On a conjecture concerning the orientation number of a graph, Discrete Mathematics, 309 (2008): 1603-1610.

7)    (With P. Raff) A generalization of the firefighter problem on ZxZ, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 156(5) (2008): 730-745.

8)   (With K. Hock and N. Fefferman) Systems approach to studying animal sociality: individual position versus group organization in dynamic social networks, PLoS ONE, 5(12) (2010), 0473305.