<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>List of publications for Tan Kai Meng</TITLE> <META http-equiv=3DContent-Type content=3D"text/html; = charset=3Dwindows-1252"> <META content=3D"MSHTML 6.00.6000.16640" name=3DGENERATOR></HEAD> <BODY> <H1>List of publications for Tan Kai Meng</H1> <H2><B>Research articles</B></H2> <OL> <LI> (With Kay Jin Lim) Homomorphisms from Specht modules to signed Young permutation modules, <I>SIGMA</I> <b>14</b> (2018), 038, 21 pages (special issue on the Representation Theory of Symmetric Groups and Related Topics). <LI> (With Joseph Chuang and Hyohe Miyachi) Parallelotope tilings and <I>q</I>-decomposition numbers, <I>Adv. Math.</I> <b>321</b> (80-159), 2017.</LI> <LI> (With Joseph Chuang) Canonical bases for Fock spaces and tensor products, <I>Adv. Math.</I> <b>302</b> (159-189), 2016. <LI> (With Kay Jin Lim) Periodic Lie modules, <I>J. Algebra</I> <b>445</b> (280-294), 2016. <LI> (With Karin Erdmann and Kay Jin Lim) The complexity of the Lie module, <I>Proc. Edinb. Math. Soc. (2)</I> <b>57</b> (393-404), 2014.</LI> <LI> (With Wei Hao Teo) Sign sequences and decomposition numbers, <I>Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.</I> <b>365</b> (6385-6401), 2013.</LI> <LI> (With Kay Jin Lim) The complexities of some simple modules of the symmetric groups, <I>Bull. London Math. Soc.</I> <b>45</b> (497-510), 2013.</LI> <LI> (With Roger M. Bryant and Kay Jin Lim) Asymptotic behaviour of Lie powers and Lie modules, <I> Q. J. Math.</I> <b>63</b> (845-853), 2012; doi: 10.1093/qmath/har027. <LI> (With Kay Jin Lim) The Schur functor on tensor powers. <I> Arch. Math. (Basel)</I> <b>98</b> (99-104), 2012. <LI> (With Karin Erdmann) The non-projective part of the Lie module for the symmetric group, <I> Arch. Math. (Basel)</I> <b>96</b> (513-518), 2011. <LI>(With Karin Erdmann) The Lie module of the symmetric group, <I>Int. Math. Res. Not.</I> <B>Vol. 2010</B> (3763-3785), 2010. <LI>Beyond Rouquier partitions, <I>J. Algebra</I> <b>321</b> (248-263), 2009. </LI> <LI>Martin's conjecture holds for weight 3 blocks of symmetric groups, <I>J. Algebra</I> <B>320</B> (1115-1132), 2008. </LI> <LI>(With Joseph Chuang and Hyohe Miyachi) Kleshchev's decomposition numbers and branching coefficients in the Fock space, <I>Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.</I> <B>360</B> (1179-1191), 2008. </LI> <LI>(With Sibylle Schroll) Weight 2 blocks of general linear groups and modular Alvis-Curtis duality, <I>Int. Math. Res. Not.</I> 2007, <B>Vol. 2007</B>, article ID rnm130, 35 pages, doi:10.1093/imrn/rnm130. </LI> <LI>(With Matthew Fayers) The ordinary quiver of a weight three block of the symmetric group is bipartite, <I>Adv. Math.</I> <B>209</B> (69-98), 2007. </LI> <LI>(With Matthew Fayers) Adjustment matrices for weight three blocks of Iwahori-Hecke algebras, <I>J. Algebra</I> <B>306</B> (76-103), 2006. </LI> <LI>(With Stuart Martin) [3:2]-pairs of symmetric group algebras and their intermediate defect 4 blocks, <I>J. Algebra</I> <B>288</B> (505-526), 2005. </LI> <LI>(With Joseph Chuang and Hyohe Miyachi) A <I>v</I>-analogue of Peel's theorem, <I>J. Algebra</I> <B>280</B> (219-231), 2004. </LI> <LI>(With Joseph Chuang) Representations of wreath products of algebras, <I>Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc.</I> <B>135</B> (395-411), 2003. </LI> <LI>(With Joseph Chuang) Filtrations in Rouquier blocks of symmetric groups and Schur algebras, <I>Proc. London Math. Soc (3)</I> <B>86</B> (685-706), 2003. </LI> <LI>(With Joseph Chuang and Hyohe Miyachi) Row and column removal in the <I>q</I>-deformed Fock space, <I>J. Algebra</I> <B>254</B> (84-91), 2002.</LI> <LI>(With Joseph Chuang) Some canonical basis vectors in the basic <I>U<SUB>q</SUB></I>(sl<SUB><I>n</I></SUB>)-module, <I>J. Algebra</I> <B>248</B> (765-779), 2002. </LI> <LI>(With Joseph Chuang) On certain blocks of Schur algebras, <I>Bull. London Math. Soc. </I><B>33</B> (157-167)<I>, </I>2001. </LI> <LI>(With Stuart Martin) Defect 3 blocks of symmetric group algebras : I, <I>J. Algebra</I> <B>237</B> (95-120), 2001. </LI> <LI>On the principal blocks of <I>S</I><SUB>9</SUB> and <I>S</I><SUB>10</SUB> over a field of characteristic 3, <I>J. Pure Appl. Algebra</I> <B>153</B> (79-106), 2000. </LI> <LI>On the principal blocks of <I>FS</I><SUB>11</SUB> and <I>FS</I><SUB>12</SUB> over a field of characteristic 3, <I>Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. </I><B>128 </B>(395-423), 2000. </LI> <LI>(With Joseph Chuang) On Young modules of defect 2 blocks of symmetric group algebras, <I>J. Algebra </I><B>221</B> (651-668), 1999. </LI> </OL> <H2>Books</H2> <OL> <LI> <I> Modular Representation Theory of Finite and p-Adic Groups</I>, Eds. Wee Teck Gan and Kai Meng Tan, Lecture Notes Series Vol. <b>30</b>, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore, World Scientific Publishing, 2015.</LI> </OL> <HR> Back to the home page of <A href="http://www.math.nus.edu.sg/~mattankm">Tan Kai Meng</A> <BR>Back to the home page of the <A href="http://www.math.nus.edu.sg/">Department of Mathematics</A> <P>Email : <A href="mailto:tankm@nus.edu.sg">tankm@nus.edu.sg</A> <P>Last modified: 25 Apr 2018 </P></BODY></HTML>