Teaching Articles



  • Using Online Discussion Forum in Learning Mathematics (CDTL Brief)


  • ATCM 2004 Conference paper: Using Computer Mediated Discussion Forum in Learning Mathematics (PowerPoint Slides)
  • The Next Wave - Scientific Calculator for Primary School Conference (PowerPoint Slides)
  • ATCM 2006 Conference paper: Computer Lab Sessions for Undergraduate Math Courses - Is it a waste of time? (PowerPoint Slides)
  • Faculty of Science Teaching Workshop 2007: Engaging Students in the Lecture Theatre (PowerPoint Slides)
  • ATCM 2009 Conference paper: Lab Sessions for Linear Algebra with MATLAB (PowerPoint Slides)

·       UiTM e-PJJ Seminar 2009 (Invited Talk): Some e-Learning Approaches for Mathematics Courses– An NUS Experience (PowerPoint Slides)

  • ATCM 2010 Conference paper: Using Graphing Calculators for Linear Algebra Examination (PowerPoint Slides)
  • BuzzEd2011: To click or not to click? Managing Classroom Response System in a Large Class (Web link)
  • MTC 2011 (Invited Lecture): Connecting JC Math and University Math (PowerPoint Slides)
  • BuzzEd2012: Recording your lecture – which is the best option? (Web link)
  • Faculty of Science Teaching Workshop 2012: Large Class Teaching: Some Thoughts on Academic Honesty (PowerPoint Slides)
  • AME-SMS Teachers Conference 2013 (Plenary Speaker): Enhance Learning Experience in Mathematics 
  • ICERI 2013 Conference paper: Motivating Undergraduate Students’ Learning Through Bonus Point System
  • Faculty of Science Technology Enhanced Teaching Lunch Talk 2014 (Invited speaker): Teaching with Classroom Respond System
  • AME-SMS Teachers Conference 2015 (Plenary Speaker): The Challenges and Opportunities of Developing the 4C's in the Math Classroom  
  • NUS Technology in Higher Education Day 2016 (Invited Speaker): Flipping a massive module
  • ATCM 2016 Conference paper: Online Interactive Visualization Tools for Learning Linear Algebra

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