DISCO -- a MATLAB software for distributed conformation of anchor-free graph realization problems

Kim-Chuan Toh(Corresponding author) and Ngai-Hang Z. Leung

The software was first released on 25 Nov 2009. It was last updated in Dec 2012 with some bugs corrected. The software is designed to solve anchor-free graph realization problems based on semidefinite programming (SDP) relaxation of the following nonconvex minimization problem:

where is a positive regularization parameter.

The given data is with being a sparse subset of the set of all short-range distances given by , and is the cut-off radius.

For molecular conformation of protein molecules, is typically set to 6 Angstrom.

Important note: this is a research software. It is not intended nor designed to be a general purpose software.

For more details, see:


You can download the package here: DISCO-1.4.zip

Please read. Welcome to DISCO-1.4!

Sparse distance data generated from some protein molecules: MolecularData.zip. The folder contains several problems such as 1PTQ.mat which contains two structure arrays (called prob and probchem) each encoding several sparse distance matrices such as

prob.Dmat30, prob.Lmat30, prob.Umat30.