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Dr. TOH Kim-Chuan
Provost's Chair, Professor,
Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore
Other Affiliations:
Institute of Operations Research and Analytics, NUS
Institute of Data Science, NUS
Department of Analytics & Operations (courtesy appointment)
Department Statistics and Applied Probability (courtesy appointment)
Address: Blk S17, 10 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119076, Singapore
Phone: (65) 65162935
Email: mattohkc..........@..........nus.edu.sg


Software packages

  1. SDPT3: a MATLAB software for semidefinite-quadratic-linear programming.
  2. SDPNAL+: a MATLAB software for semidefinite programming with bound constraints.  A collection of standard form SDP instances in SDPT3 format is also available. 
  3. SuiteLasso: a MATLAB software for lasso regularized linear least squares problems based on a semismooth Newton augmented Lagrangian method.
  4. DWDLarge: a MATLAB software for large scale distance weighted discrimination problems.
  5. NNLS: a MATLAB software for nuclear norm regularized least squares problems based on an accelerated proximal gradient method.
  6. BBCPOP: a MATLAB software for A Sparse Doubly Nonnegative Relaxation of Polynomial Optimization Problems with Binary, Box and Complementarity Constraints.


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