Tin Lok Wong

I am more commonly known as Lawrence in English-speaking communities.

I am a Research Fellow at the Department of Mathematics in the National University of Singapore. I work under the project ‘Effective Representations of Algebraic Structures’ supported by the Singapore Ministry of Education Academic Research Fund Tier 2 grant MOE2016‑T2‑1‑019 / R146‑000‑234‑112. The Principal Investigator of this project is Professor Frank Stephan.

My research mainly lies in mathematical logic and, more specifically, in the model theory of arithmetic. I have been investigating model-theoretic properties of cuts and of theories in reverse mathematics.

Before coming to Singapore, I held postdoctoral positions at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, at the University of Vienna, Austria, and at Ghent University, Belgium. I obtained my PhD degree at the University of Birmingham, UK. My thesis supervisor was Dr. Richard Kaye.

The easiest and quickest way to contact me is usually via e-mail: . My office is in S17‑08‑27. My postal address is: Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore, 10 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119076.

This website contains information about my papers, talks, and teaching.