Math 150 Lec.2 Fall 1998

Office: DRL 4N61
Telephone: Ext. 8-5976 (Office), 215-476-7217 (Home)
Office hours:MWF 2-3, and by appointment.
e-mail: jiewu@math.upenn.edu

ASSISTANTS: Aaron D. Jaggard
Office:DRL 4N27(outer), phone:3-6253
Office hours:Tuesdays 11:00-12:00, Thursdays 12:00-1:00, and by appointment.
e-mail: adj@math.upenn.edu

Irina Gheorghiciuc
Office:3W8, phone:8-6217
Office hours:T Th 10-11, and by appointment.
e-mail: gheorghi@math.upenn.edu

TEXTS: Tan -- Applied Calculus, Third edition.
Maple/Calculus Lab Manual
Maple Flight Manual
Optional:Maple V software (Release 5).

Math. Dept. Office: DRL 4W1, Ext. 8-8178.

Math. Dept. Undergraduate Program Information

The course: Math 150 -- Calculus for the Social and biological Sciences, II: Math 150 is the first semester of a first-year course in calculus for students who desire an emphasis on topics related to economics and biology. Others should consider Math 140, which has more emphasis on applications to physics and engineering.

Recitation classes are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. You must be enrolled in and attend one of the following recitation sections:

  • Irina Gheorghiciuc's sections:
  • Section 211 -- T 8-9 am in DRL 3C8
    Section 212 -- T 9-10 am in DRL 3C8
    Section 213 -- Th 8-9 am in DRL 3C8
    Section 214 -- Th 9-10 am in DRL 3C8
  • Aaron D. Jaggard 's sections:
  • Section 215 -- T 8-9 am in DRL 3W2
    Section 216 -- T 9-10 am in DRL 3W2
    Section 217 -- Th 8-9 am in DRL 3W2
    Section 218 -- Th 9-10 am in DRL 3W2

    OFFICE HOURS: Besides the hours listed above, we are also available at other times by appointment. Please take advantage of these opportunities for help. Come in so that we can get to know you.

    Other TAs of Math 150: If you are unable to find your TA, you may ask other TAs of Math 150 for help. But you should look for your TA first.
  • Rohit Chadha, office: DRL 4E5, phone: 8-5980, email: rchadha@math.upenn.edu, Office hours:
  • Ed Stacey, office: DRL 3W8, phone: 8-6217, email: estacey@math.upenn.edu, Office hours:
  • Chia-Fu Yu, office: DRL 4N31, phone: 8-7621, email: chiafu@math.upenn.edu, Office hours:
  • Marcus Khuri, office: DRL 3C15, phone: 8-8175, email:khuri@math.upenn.edu, Office hours:
  • Yongle Ou, office: DRL 4C1, phone:8-7836, email:yongle@math.upenn.edu, office:
  • OTHER HELP: Besides the office hours, there is lots of help available for both Calculus and Maple. Information about this help can also be found on pages 3-8 of the MAPLE/CALCULUS LAB MANUAL, but in general the information on the World Wide Web is more up to date.

    CORE PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS FROM PAST FINALS: Since there is much material to cover in math 150 and more problems to work through than we have time to cover in lecture or recitation, we have chosen core problems (listed on page 10 of the MAPLE/CALCULUS LAB MANUAL) to help define the course. In addition you will find problems from past final exams on page 226-240 of the Lab Manual. Together, the core problems and past finals define both the material of the course and the level of difficulty expected. Your objective is to understand thoroughly how to solve them and to develop some facility with the underlying mathematics.

    Semester calendar:
  • First day of class: Wednesday, Sept. 9
  • First midterm: Thursday, Sept. 24, 6:30-7:30pm .
  • Second midterm: Wednesday, October 7, 6:30-7:30pm.
  • Last date to drop: Friday, Oct. 16
  • Fall break: Sat.-Mon., Oct.17-19.
  • Third midterm: Wednesday, Oct. 28 , 6:30-7:30 pm.
  • Fourth midterm: Tuesday, Nov. 10, 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Withdrawal deadline: Friday, Nov. 20.
  • Fifth midterm: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Last lecture: Friday, Dec. 11.
  • Final exam (tentative time): Monday, Dec. 21, 11am-1pm
  • COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Your grade for the course will be based on
    60% midterm exam average (lowest grade eliminated);
    30% final exam;
    10% computer assignments and recitation participation.

    A brief outline of the material covered in each lecture will be posted soon after the lecture under LECTURES. Corresponding MAPLE examples will be found in MAPLE Examples.

    Homework assignments will be posted once a week under HOMEWORK.

    HOMEWORK. The homework assignments are designed to help you master the course and prepare for the exams. Homework assignments -- with the exception of two Maple assignments -- will NOT be collected. However, you should write up your solutions in full and come to recitation to join other students in presenting solutions and discussing any points that are not clear.

    I suggest that you try each homework assignment on your own at first, then get together with a small study group -- at least two but no more than four -- to review your solutions and to work out parts that you did not get on your own. A study group is right for you if you are sometimes a giver and sometimes a taker, but not always one or the other. If you have difficulty finding an appropriate study group, please ask your TA for help in forming one.

    After working with the study group, finish your homework by writing up your own version of the solutions. This last step is very important. Do not neglect it as it is precisely what you will be required to do on the exams. Keep in mind that the exams will primarily be based on the homework, so if you have done the homework well, you should do well on the exams.

    EXAMS. All sections of Math 150 will have five, common one-hour exams, approximately one every two weeks. The exams will be given in the evenings from 6:30 to 7:30. Locations will be announced later. The tentative schedule is:

    Rules regarding exams.

    FINAL EXAM: Monday, December 21, 11:00-1:00 pm, Leidy Lab 10.

  • Please be in your seats at least 10 minutes before 11.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: You may bring one page (8 1/2" x 11") of notes with you to the exam. Otherwise the exam is closed book. No calculators are allowed.
  • This is a two hour multiple choice test consisting of 24 questions. You must SHOW YOUR WORK to get credit for a correct answer.
  • You will have access to your own grades during the semester through the link GRADES. This is a secure grade file which requires your Penn ID for access to your grades.

    NOTE: Incompletes (I's) will not be given to avoid F's.