Math 150 Lecture 002 - First Homework Assignment

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  1. Sign up for a MAPLE Introduction Session on the wall near DRL A1 (and attend it!).
  2. In the Maple/Calculus Lab Manual, read and work through the examples in the following sections (don't worry if you are not familiar with some of the calculus expressions -- try them anyhow to see what they do):
  3. Work through MAPLE Demo #1.

Diagnostic Quiz:

Be sure to attend your first recitation and take the diagnostic quiz. Results will be available from your TA and will be posted on the web. See the link to GRADES at the bottom of the course guide. Please see us for advice if the results indicate you should be in a different class.

For discussion at recitation the week of September 14.

READING: All of Chapter 1 and sections 2.1 through 2.4 of Chapter 2. Most of this is pre-calculus review material. There is a lot of it. Please go through it carefully and come in to see us to clear up any questions or problems that you have.

CORE PROBLEMS: Write up, for your own record, solutions to the Core Problems for Chapter 1 and the first four sections of Chapter 2. Use Maple when it seems appropriate.


For the directory of homework assignments, see HOMEWORK.