Math 150 Lecture 002 - Third Homework Assignment

For discussion at recitation the week of September 28.


READING: Chapter 3 sections 1 through 4.

CORE PROBLEMS: Write up, for your own record, solutions to the Core Problems for sections 1 through 4 of Chapter 3. Solve these problems by hand first. You must know how to do the various derivative rules by hand. Then verify your work using MAPLE. After using the "diff" command in MAPLE, you may need to apply "simplify" to the result (just type simplify(%)) to get the simplified version that you will find in the answer section of the text. You will also find the substitute command "subs" useful when evaluatiing expressions or their derivatives at specific points.

OLD FINAL EXAM PROBLEMS: Final Exams for the past eight semesters are included at the back of your Math 150/151 Lab Manual. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you work through these exams as they give you a very good indication of the type and level of material that we will expect you to know on the final exam this year. I will assign problems from the most recent four finals as we go through the semester. As with all of the homework, these problems may serve as models for mid-semester exam questions. We will use the oldest finals (Fall 1994 to Spring 1996) as review material at the end of the semester. For this week's assignment you should work the following problems from the old final exams:

Fall 1996:


Spring 1997:


Fall 1997:


Spring 1998:



For the directory of homework assignments, see HOMEWORK.