Math 150 Lecture 002 - Fourth Homework Assignment

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For discussion at recitation on Th. Oct. 1 and Tues. Oct. 6.

**** Exam #2 (Wednesday, October 7) will be based on the material covered in the first four homework assignments. ****



READING: Chapter 3 sections 5 through 7.

CORE PROBLEMS: Write up, for your own record, solutions to the Core Problems for sections 5 through 7 of Chapter 3.

OLD FINAL EXAM PROBLEMS: Final Exams for the past eight semesters are included at the back of your Math 150/151 Lab Manual. For this week's assignment you should work the following problems from the old final exams:

Fall 1996:

none this time

Spring 1997:


Fall 1997:


Spring 1998:



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