Math 150 Lecture 002 - Sixth Homework Assignment

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For discussion at recitation on T Oct. 20, and Th Oct. 22.





READING: Chapter 4 Sections 6 and 7. These sections cover one of the most important applications of the differential calculus -- the use of derivatives in solving optimization problems. This material should receive your careful attention!

Solution Error: Problem 23, section 4.7. The minimum for this problem does not occur at an integer point. The text concludes correctly that one has to have an integer number of orders. The integer nearest the minimum point is 45. From this it follows that the number ordered each time is 2,000,000/45 (i.e. 44445 (the next higher integer) -- not 44,721 as given in the answer section of the text).

CORE PROBLEMS: Write up, for your own record, solutions to the Core Problems for Chapter 4 sections 6 and 7.

ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS: Work as many of the odd numbered review exercises for Chapter 4 as you can.

OLD FINAL EXAM PROBLEMS: Final Exams for the past eight semesters are included at the back of your Math 150/151 Lab Manual. For this week's assignment you should work the following problems from the old final exams:

Fall 1996:

#4, 23

Spring 1997:

#11, 20

Fall 1997:


Spring 1998:

none this time


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