Math141 (J. Wu)

Homework #1

Due Friday, January 23

Remember that the homework needs to be handed in by 3 pm on Friday and that no late homework will be accepted. You need to find your TA's office (see the course guide). There will be several envelopes in front of his or her office, one for each recitation, and you need to make sure that your homework goes into the correct envelope.

  • In Stewart: 8.1, 8.2
  • In Lab Manual: Familiarize yourself with the information on p. 1-12 In the Maple Session you should have gone through p. 13-19. Read p. 35-38.


  • p.511 #1,9,17,29,35;
  • p.518 #5,29.


    The following problems are intended to review some methods from Math 140 that will be important for us. You should look at the Syllabus for Math140 on page 9 of the Lab Manual and determine whether you have covered all material in your previous math course.
    Do the following problems in Stewart:
    p. 175 # 19,29, 32, 48;
    p. 252 # 19,35
    p. 301 # 70,85
    p. 338 # 5,11
    p. 427 # 14,56
    p. 497 # 12,19,51,52


    In your first recitation you were encouraged to form a study group. One advantage is that the MAPLE ASSIGNMENT portion of your homework can be handed in by the whole study group. (Do the assignment together and put all names on the front page).
    1. Read Lab Manual p.35-38.
    2. Go over the diff command on p. 91-96 of the Lab Manual and about the int command on p. 97-101. Pick out 2 differentiation problems and 2 integration problems from the review problems assigned above and do them using Maple.
    3. Find two functions that Maple cannot integrate and speculate why.
    4. Print out your work in 2 and 3 and hand this in as part of your homework.