Math141 (J. Wu)

Homework #10

Due Fri. April 24

Reminder: The Final Exam is on Fri., May 1, 11am-1pm. It will consist of 20 multiple choice questions, and will cover the material of the entire semester. The exam represents 30% of the course grade. See below for the extra credit Sample Final Exam.

  • In Stewart: sections 15.2,15.4,15.5,15.6

  • HOMEWORK: (to be handed in)
  • p.981 #1,5,7,12,20;
  • p.995 #1,4,,15,17,23,26,29,30
  • p.1002 #13
  • OLD FINAL EXAMS: S94#18,19; S95 #8.

  • Extra Credit: Do and hand in Sample Final Exam= F94 old final exam. Do this under exam conditions (2 hours, index card allowed), and be sure to show your work. This sample final exam will be accepted for extra credit if handed in with this problem set on time.

  • p.1014 #10,14,20,21;

  • MAPLE: (not to be hand in.)
    1. Download and work through Maple Demonstration #13.