Math141 (J. Wu)

Homework #2

Due Friday, January 30


  • In Stewart: 8.3, 9.1,9.2.
  • In Lab Manual: Read p. 39-49 ("Basic Stuff" about Maple).

  • p.524 #5,14,15;
  • p.551 #11,23,26;
  • p.558 #1,13,17,30.

  • ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS: (from Stewart)

  • p.524 #4,9;
  • p.552 #31;
  • p.558 #26;
  • past final exams: ( in back of Lab Manual)
  • Spring 94 # 1, 2,5.

    Some general comments about homework and Maple. You are certainly encouraged to use Maple any time you are doing homework. But you will also need to learn how to do problems by hand. You can use Maple to give you the right answer in order to get a hint or to check your answer. But all of the problems in the HOMEWORK need to be written up without Maple and handed in. The only exception is the following: Sometimes a homework problem may ask you to draw a picture of a curve or a surface. This you can do with Maple and hand in the printout if you like. Of course in the next portion of the assignment all problems should be done only using Maple.

    The MAPLE ASSIGNMENT portion of your homework can be handed in by the whole study group. (Do the assignment together and put all names on the front page).
    1. Download Maple Demo #1 and Demo #2 and go through it with your study group. The first one contains some general commands that you may find useful. The second one explains how to solve a differential equation with Maple. The command you need, dsolve, is also explained in detail on p. 105 of the Lab Manual. You can copy and paste from these Demo's into your worksheet. In fact the easiest way to learn Maple is via examples. Another section of the Lab Manual that should be useful for you starts on page 162. It contains solutions of selected Core problems using Maple. Again you can just copy the methods used there.
    2. Do the following problems from Stewart using Maple:
      p. 511 # 8,14
      p. 519 # 13
      p. 524 # 12
    3. Print out your work in 2 and hand this in as part of your homework.