Math141 (J. Wu)

Homework #4

Due Fri. February 13

  • In Stewart: 10.1-2

  • p.606 #2,10,16,20,49,59,63,69;
  • p.616 #9,15,19,35,41,45,47,54;

  • ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS: (from Stewart)
  • p.606 #6,29,32,34,36,39,64,70;
  • p.616 #16,29,30,34,36,53,59,70;

    1. Download Maple Demo #4 (these are the Maple demos which are listed on p.12 of the Lab Manual and which you can find on the 141 homepage) and go through it with your study group. By now you should now the following commands in Maple: solve,fsolve,plot,evalf,int,diff,subs,implicitplot,simplify,dsolve limit, and now also sum. If you are not familiar with any of these yet, find the section in the Lab Manual that explains the command(see the index) and learn it.
    2. Do the following problems from Stewart using Maple:
    3. p.607 #45
      p.616 #30