Course Information, Math 141, Spring 98

Sunday Review: Sunday,7-9 pm, in DRL A4 (given by Zharkov).


for the first midterm.
  • Answers to sample exam; available late Wednesday, Feb. 4.
  • SAMPLE EXAM II: for the second midterm.

  • Answers to sample exam II.
  • SAMPLE EXAM III: for the third midterm.

  • Answers to sample exam III.
  • Optional supplementary study problems to help prepare for Exam 3.
  • Answers to supplementary study problems.

    Review Session for the final:

    Monday, April 27, 7-10 pm, DRL A2

    Final Exam:

    Friday, May 1, 11am-1pm, CHEM 102

    Information on final exam

    YOUR GRADE: from the midterms.

  • General information about Calculus at Penn.
  • General information about Math 141 , including help for homework and Maple, is also available.
  • Calculus help.
  • MATH HELP WEB PAGE These services are Math and Maple centers, Sunday Reviews, undergraduate math and maple advisors, electronic help, lists of approved private tutors, and links to the tutoring center.
  • Maple Information, Demos for Windows (Release 4), Demos for Windows (Release 3) , Demos for Macintosh, a small Maple Tutorial, and more Maple Demonstrations.
  • The Course Guide contains the basic information about Math 141.
  • Here is the list of the homework assignments.
  • Class Announcements including information about midterms and final exam.
  • Classes next weeks.