Math 240 (J. Wu) Homework #1 Due Fri. Jan. 22

The homework needs to be handed in by 3 pm on Friday and no late homework will be accepted. You need to find your TA's office (see the course guide). There will be several envelopes in front of his office, one for each recitation, and you need to make sure that your homework goes into the correct envelope.


Kreyszig, 1.2,1.5,1.7,1.8

To be covered next week: 1.9,2.1-2.3


Do all core problems in 1.2,1.5,1.7,1.8


1.2 # 20,26

1.3 # 8

1.5 # 20

1.7 # 10

1.8 # 16

  1. If you are new to Maple you should sign up for one of the Maple orientation sessions that take place the week of Jan 18. Sign up sheets will be posted outside DRL 4N16 by Monday. Also read the instructions for "Genaral Commands" on p.3-9 of the Maple Computer Manual for Math 240. Also go through Maple Demo #1 which you find on the WWW on the Math 240 homepage. It gives a quick review of the basic commands. I may post some similar demo's on my homepage also.
  2. Learn about the dsolve command by reading p.10-12 in the Maple Computer Manual and looking at some of the examples they discuss for Ch 1.
  3. Do the following problems in Kreyszig, which you have done by hand above, with Maple:

    1.3 # 20,26

    1.7 # 10

Notice that you may have to simplify or rewrite the answers to get the same results. Another hint: If Maple cannot solve an initial value problem, ask it to find the general solution first.

Finally draw a graph of the solution in Maple.

Hand in a printout of the worksheet together with your assignment.